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I offer 1 hour and 1/2 hour sessions. I do my readings live on zoom with the client where I share the screen showing the astrology chart and current transits or I send a recorded video link of the astrology birth chart reading. I am also a very experienced tarot reader and offer 1 hour and 1/2 hour tarot readings as well for all of the above topics.

  • General birth chart study, looking at who we are, what our destiny is and any other questions.
  • Relationship readings, answering questions about all types of relationships,
  • Relationships synastry reading where we look at both peoples charts to determine the compatibility and future of the relationship,
  • Work and career readings to see the best career path and life purpose,
  • Childrens chart reading, helping parents understand best ways to work with a child.
  • Vedic, Nakshatras, D9 charts and solar return charts.  
  • Law suits, Health or Wealth focus. 
  • Current transits and cycles readings, taking a look at what is currently happening and changing.
  • Past life, karmic patterns and destiny. Taking a deeper study and more in depth look at the birth chart.
  • Online Group Workshps 

Full hour – Astrology or Tarot –$120
Half hour – Astrology or Tarot – $60

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