I am an astrologer. I help guide people onto their highest best destined path, to the best version of themselves and to the most aligned actions for their highest good and the highest good of all. Many come to me seeking ways through complex situations which I give through deciphering the spiritual guidance and assistance their personal birth chart provides. I help my clients grow spiritually by helping them make higher consciousness choices which causes better results and outcomes. 

I offer multiple types of astrology readings,

  • General birth chart study, looking at who we are, what our destiny is and any other questions.
  • Relationship readings, answering questions about all types of relationships,
  • Relationships synastry reading where we look at both peoples charts to determine the compatibility and future of the relationship,
  • Work and career readings to see the best career path and life purpose,
  • Childrens chart reading, helping parents understand best ways to work with a child.
  • Vedic, Nakshatras, D9 charts, progressed and solar return charts.  
  • Current transits and cycles readings, taking a look at what is currently happening and changing.
  • Past life, karmic patterns and destiny. Taking a deeper study and more in depth look at the birth chart.
  • Law suits, Health or Wealth focus. 
  • Soul Level Reading 


I offer 1 hour and 1/2 hour sessions. I do my readings live on zoom with the client where I share the screen showing the astrology chart and current transits or I send a recorded video link of the astrology birth chart reading. I am also a very experienced tarot reader and offer 1 hour and 1/2 hour tarot readings as well for all of the above topics.

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