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We have some wonderful things happening this week up in the sky. During the last eclipse, Mars, its ruler was conjunct Saturn delaying the shifts the eclipse was triggering in our lives. This week, Rahu, which is in the sign of Aries, (hence these series of eclipses being in the Aries, Libra access), conjoins Rahu, near the same degree point of the Aries eclipse on April 8th.
During the eclipse itself, we may have experienced the radical endings of something in whatever area Aries covers in our chart. This week, we now see, in the material realm of Taurus, the radical new beginnings that these eclipses created space for. Mars, Rahu is, go for it, boots on the ground and make traction. This is the energy it takes to initiate these long term major new timelines and this Mars, Rahu conjunction gives us the fire passionate energy to get it going and do whatever it takes.
We also have Venus conjunct Uranus at the same time as the Sun and Jupiter conjoin. This is all happening in the Taurus area of our birth charts. Uranus is sudden unexpected surprises, Venus is romance and money and pleasure, Jupiter is abundance through faith and the Sun is the most powerful life giving planet, all piled up on top of each other, in the sky. This is some intense energy all focused in a five degree range of our birth charts. We may not see it yet, but many of us will look back at this time and say, wow, I had no idea how much my life was about to change.
These solar transits are shooting an abundance of new fertile opportunities and new relationships or relationships suddenly committing. These are good times and we are bearing the fruits of a past struggle. We have a lot of planets in the abundant sign of Taurus, who’s abundance is created by hard labor and discipline and from not giving up. It feels great because we see progress and it revives our hope and enthusiasm for living again or for trying again.
Namaste 🙂


HI Everyone,
What a week. Phew, so glad to be through that tough full moon in scorpio. I hope you are all doing well and over any scary challenges that might have shown up for you last week.
Thank God for this new moon in Taurus, which is the first new moon after the eclipse new moon in Aries. There is a reason we have the zodiac signs in the order that they are in.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is the energy of bold initiation. It is that first flame of a fire, the hottest fire, that burns away the past and feeds, regenerates and nourishes the soil preparing it for the new. That last Aries eclipse did just that for many of us.
Then comes the calm, still grounded energy of Taurus that is fertile and ready to nurture new growth. Soil needs to be still for plants to grow. Fire energy is the higher dimensional energy, or spirit energy and Taurus the third dimensional or grounded energy. These two forces, of spirit and matter, work together this week to cause major new practical beginnings in the tangible reality playing field. In this new moon in Taurus, we see the beginnings of something that will ground and settle us, stabilizing our lives for a new abundant destiny.
Mars currently is in the sign of Aries, indicating that these new tangible beginnings come with some needed extra energy and drive, or you could say hard work. We are going to need a lot of  strength and push through (Taurus), to get this going. These new changes are major and involve a lot of physical activity, or labor and bull headedness to bust through the dense ground. To get these completely new beginnings started we may be required to breakdown some old entrenched structures from our past. Mars will give us the motivation, drive and determination to do it. We have no choice, that Aries eclipse pulled our comfort zones out from underneath us and we are now building a new one.


I hope you are well during this full moon in Scorpio and some deep insights come in for you all, today. Scorpio is about that which does not see the sun, the underworld or the subconscious or our fears, deep emotional pain, the truth, hidden feelings etc It rules the part of the body where the sun doesn’t shine. Full moons are the energy of bringing something to light or reveal. This Scorpio full moon reveals a hidden truth that ends and transforms a blocking and debilitating subconscious fear. This full moon will shed clarity as to the root source of this fear as being a fear of or anticipation of some sort of repeat pain from the past. Seeing this new light or truth around a deep emotional complex situation prompts us to release this old skin/fear and take bold new action towards something that is deeply important to us. We simply can’t let the fear of pain hold us back anymore. This old way it is dead, it’s our old self, we are rebirthing a new beginning, this time with a healed and fearless approach thus transforming this experience from pain to love.
This full moon, ruled by Mars, the intuitive Mars, is about our deep intuitive truth, or desires. We can’t fight our subconscious on this anymore. With Chiron and the North Node in the bold initiating energies of Aries, we are further emboldened to face a fear of pain and step into this new direction that is opening up for us on this full moon in Scorpio.
We can do it. It still may feel scary, but this full moon shines a divine healing loving light on a deep subconscious fear which is now suddenly healed and transformed opening a new path forward.

The Conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter April 20th 2024

This week we have another powerful conjunction, Jupiter and Uranus meeting in the sign of Taurus. If the eclipse didn’t bring the anticipated changes expected, this conjunction could do it. Uranus is the energy of the future technologies, out of the blue sudden liberating changes, financial freedom, power to the people. It’s an electrical energy and also represents social media and all things internet related. Ultimately these new technologies are here to liberate us from dependance from the matrix, or the system. As we are already in the early stages of the age of aquarius, this conjunction takes us boldly forward to a new era of new technologies and power to the people. The energy of Uranus is a galvanizing energy that brings us together and ends the separation politics and religions has caused. In this new era of Aquarius we pull together as one force to fix the problems in our world and restore it to peace and harmony.
It could play out in the world as a crash in the internet or banking or earthquakes and volcanoes erupting. It is very powerful when two big planets get together. Jupiter is an expansive energy, it’s sort of like a bazooka blast of energy. With both these planets in the sign of a taurus, which is stable and grounded, we will see big shake ups in an area of our lives that has been stable and secure but stagnant. These powerful energies will shake us free from this rut to a sudden fast change of direction towards a new more liberated life.
It can be compared to a river where waters are blocked from flowing due to a buildup of debris suddenly breaking through causing a rush of movement. Again the metaphor of water is to be seen as the way to respond to these changes, go with the flow. Aquarius is the water bearer, she brings empathy, healing, purity, and spirituality. We, as a collective are evolving to a much higher consciousness of existence and the water bearer is the bringer of such higher knowledge. So it’s time for all you Aquarians to lead the way 😀
Jupiter is the planet of good luck so this could be very auspicious and financially liberating. Maybe not right away but Jupiter and Uranus will expand our lives in sudden unexpected ways that restores our faith in an abundant future.
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